April 3, 2020

Top 9 Reasons to Study in South Australia by Lenard Sciancalepore

I love Adelaide. It’s a place I’ve called home for the better part of two decades. As a traveller and a local, I’ve been to many different parts of the world, but they all make me appreciate the city I live in all the more and it’s no different for my international student friends from all corners of the globe! Let me explain why….

1. World-renowned Universities

Our education system is ‘top-notch’ (Adelaide slang for ‘excellent’) and offers loads of opportunities for international students. A few of the universities and institutions to choose from including the University of Adelaide College, Flinders University, Torrens University, TAFE SA, the University of South Australia and the University of Adelaide, plus many more.

2. Great Public Transport System

Adelaide’s public transport system is both affordable and efficient. Ranging from trains, free tram services and an extensive network of busses which connect every suburb in this thriving regional centre. Hot tip: Get yourself a student metroCARD! This card easily allows you a seat on any public transport in Adelaide, and can be recharged at most convenience stores, or online.

3. Quality of Life

International students from more than 150 countries grace Adelaide with their presence each year, contributing to the city’s vibrant ethos of multiculturalism. Adelaide offers high-quality educational opportunities and a flexible, relaxed lifestyle in comparison with other Australian capital cities. It’s even known to be consistently ranked 10th most liveable city in the world, behind Copenhagen in Denmark. We’re also known as “the 30-minute city” because it only takes half an hour to travel from one end to the other! Super convenient.

4. Food and Wine

It’s food and wine galore in Adelaide, thanks to pristine farmlands combined with decades of migrants, culminating in a spicy choice of fresh, local produce and a plentiful variety of exotic dishes. South Australia produces 50% of the country’s wine and is also renowned for multiple foods and wine events. We’re also home to the largest fresh produce market (The Central Market) in the Southern Hemisphere! Who’s hungry?

5. Affordable Living

Is Adelaide an affordable city for students? Yes – Definitely. As one of Australia’s most affordable mainland cities, Adelaide is well known for its low unemployment rate, diverse communities, thriving local industries and businesses, and a healthy economy. With weekly rent in Sydney averaging at $285, Melbourne at $258, Brisbane at $218, Adelaide is sitting well below the $218 global rent price average threshold, making the city one of the most affordable places to live not just nationally, but globally. Golden, I know.

Average weekly living expenses include:

  • weekly accommodation costs ($135 – $385)
  • grocery shopping ($90 – $135)
  • gas/water/electricity bills ($40 – $55),
  • phone/internet bills ($20 – 40)
  • transport costs ($20 – $40 with student concession)
  • entertainment/extra expenses ($50+)

This brings the average weekly living costs to between $355 and $700.

6. The Festival State

We’re not called ‘The Festival State’ for no reason! Adelaide’s festivals attract crowds from around the country, and the globe at large. We even have our own season for it called ‘Mad March’! Festivals include the Clipsal 500, WOMADelaide, The Fringe Festival, Gluttony, The Garden of Unearthly Delights, the Adelaide Festival, the Multicultural Festival, Santos Tour Down Under, and lots more. There’s always something happening in #Radelaide

7. Best Housing for International Students

There around 4,000 international students living in the Adelaide CBD and many affordable options for all accommodation types from private rentals, student apartments, sharehouses, and on-campus apartments! You’ll be spoilt for choice on options which won’t break your budget.

8. Trees and Access to Nature

Did you know that Adelaide is technically considered a forest because of the spatial density between trees? We have plentiful access to nature in our great city, with the Adelaide Hills in the East, and pristine beaches in the West. The City of Adelaide is also the only city in the world to be purposefully designed within a park! So. many. trees.

9. Internship and Employment Opportunities

In Adelaide, it’s not ‘what’ you know, it’s ‘who’ you know. Adelaide is a network city because of its comparatively smaller population, everyone knows everyone, so get out there and network! This is a great way to make new friends, volunteer, meet people, gain references, and land that job you’ve been working towards. For international students, there are many opportunities to pick up an internship or part-time job while studying. Students who’ve graduated from Adelaide’s universities are often in high demand because of our university’s reputations across the world.

Adelaide is a fantastic gateway for Australian exploration and planning your future career. So, what are you waiting for? You won’t be disappointed, trust me, I’m a local.