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Study in United Kingdom

Study in UK

United Kingdom is famous not only for the biggest Empire in the history they had and for having towns with huge castles, it is the second most popular study destination for the international students from all around the world. The overall atmosphere of the UK is very warm and welcoming to the everyone, and as the country values diversity being an international student in the UK will not be much of a problem as you will be able to enjoy your individual freedom.

UK has reputable universities of which some are ranked as the best in the world. And having a degree from the world class education provider will help students succeed in the competitive workforce. There are thousands of students choosing the UK as their study destination each year, which makes it a hub for international students that will lead you to being exposed to diverse cultures in the process.

The major language in the UK is English, this will be an easy transition for many international students as most countries teach english language from the school level. Other than being one of the most popular study destination and tourist destination, UK is home to over a million international students. UK is also very well known for the Royal family, traditional British tea and the love for sports such as Rugby.

Benefits of Studying in the UK

Having world class education system UK is home to over a million international students. Being the second most famous study destination for international students in the world, UK is rich in diversity and culture. Reputed high quality of education and standard of living makes the UK beneficial for the students planning to studying there.

Education system in the UK helps make students well equipped with skills and experince. As the job market is quite competitive and is getting tougher, acquiring degree from UK will help sudents a lot to be recognized in the global workforce.

While studying in UK international students are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week. This will help the students be able to support themselves to live a good lifestyle. The feeling of being independent and acquiring the skills while working will help students in the long run. Getting a degree in UK takes less time compared to other countries which will help save your money.

There are various scholarships and grants provided by various universities and institutions, which can help you ease your finances as an international student. And if you want to know more about it make sure to message us or contact us so that we will be able to help you in the process. The maximum time limit for qualification in UK for below degree course is 3 years whereas for degree level course is 5 years. UK also has 2 years of Post Study Work (PSW) that will allow you time to find a job after you complete your degree.

Education System

United Kingdom is made up of four countries England, Wales, Scotland as well as Northern Ireland. And each country of UK has separate system under separate government. The eduation system is mainly divided into four parts that includes primary education, secondary education, further education and higher education. There is compulsory education system in UK from age 5 up to 17 years. Primary education starts in year 1 where the students are of age between 5 and 7. And at the end of year 11 all the students take exam known as GCSE.

After the secondary education is complete and if the student wants to study in a college or a university then it is very important for them to take further education in UK. In further education there are A-Levels, GNVQ’s, BTEC’s or other such qualifications. As for higher education, the undergradute degree takes 3 years to complete in most institutions but in Scotland it takes 4 years to complete the degree. The four year course which is also known as “sandwich course” is recently getting more popular, where the student will have to work for a year (usually in third year).

Graduate and masters program are usually shorter depending on the course. But courses such as medicine, law can be up to 5 years according to the requirement of the course.

Cost of Studying in UK as well as Scholarship opportunities

Cost of studying really varies from one university to the next and the cost can go up according to the length and type of the course that you choose. It’s highly advisable for the students to check the univeristies webiste before deciding where to study. For example Social science and humanities can start from £ 10,000 per year whereas porgrammes such as medicine can go up to £ 35,000. Undergraduate fees start around £10,000 per year and postgraduate around £12,000. Whereas getting a medical degree can cost around £ 32,000 per year.

Studying in UK can get expensive as pound sterling is one of the expensive currencies in the world but there are plenty of scholarship opportunities that is provided to the international students. UK government also provides scholarship focusing on the international stduents, so before selecting the university you should check if there are any scholarships available or not. You can also contact us or make an appointment with our staff to understand more about it. They will be able to help in the process to help find the best scholarship available for you.

Living and Working in UK ( Employment Prospects)

It is well known that living near a city that is famous also increases the chance in hike of rents and the cost of food. The UK is reputed for having high standard of living, and international students are allowed to work while studying which will help them maintain the quality of life. UK has one of the best economies in the world which leads to having relatively high wage and has various job opportunities for those who are willing to study and work there.

For the international students who are on a budget may it may not be affordable to rent an apartment as it can get quite expensive but they can can opt for renting a room in a shared house. And there are various accommodations that they can look at that suits their budget before deciding. The prices are higher in popular area such as one-bedroom property in Edinburgh can be £995; in Manchester it can be around £714; and in Birmingham it can be around £653. But the price of rental property is relatively lower in other parts.

As for the working and living in UK for international students, the country has a diverse culture and is welcoming to people. And workplace has adopted strategies so that the people don’t have to face inequality.

Step by Step Student visa process for UK

To apply for Tier 4 (General) student visa, your course must last longer than 6 months. Before you get to apply for the visa you should make sure to follow these things:

  • You should check if you qualify for the student visa or not.
  • A completed visa application form
  • Proof that you have been accepted for the course you applied for: An offer letter from the univeristy you’re applying for is necessary for the visa application process.
  • Enough funds: There must be proof provided to support that you can maintain the lifestyle and take care of the expenses while staying in the UK. The amount you need to show in the process needs to cover the fee for the whole year and living cost for 9 months while you study you are there.
  • Online application: You will need to register and create an account on the UK Visa Website that will help you receive message containing your application number.
  • Payment of application fee: There are various ways of how you can make the payment for the application fee such as payment at Standard Chartered Bank branch, payment at visa application centre after you submit your visa or you can opt to pay it online from MasterCard.
  • Appointment at visa application centre: You must book an appointment at the visa application centre and visit the centre on the appointed date. Here you can submit your application, fingerprints, passport size photos and the documents that may be required.

Because UK is an English speaking country you should also submit your IELTS score when you apply for the univeristy. And make sure to apply 3 months before your course starts. Above are some things that the students should follow and if you face any confusion with the visa process please feel free to contact our staff members, who are more than happy to help you with the process.

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